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tormented radio

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tormented radio began as the goth/industrial stream for mpegradio.com in 1998. It was renamed tormented radio in 2002 by the station manager since February 2000, djdead. tormented radio's mission statement is to bring the best club music of the goth, industrial, synthpop, futurepop, ebm, and all related genres to the internet radio scene, including live mix shows. tormented radio and mpegradio are non-profit organizations that are made possible by volunteers.

We do not condone stream-ripping and we ban streamrippers when possible.
*glis*, :wumpscut:, [-sitd-], abscess, absurd minds, and one, angels & agony, apoptygma berzerk, aslan faction, assemblage 23, backandtotheleft, bauhaus, beborn beton, belief, bella morte, blutengel, bruderschaft, chris pohl, claire voyant, clan of xymox, cleen, clubbing, collide, covenant, culture kultur, cyberwire, dance, dance music, dancing, de-vision, de/vision, decoded feedback, depeche mode, devision, diary of dreams, die form, diva destruction, dulce liquido, e-craft, ebm, echo image, eco, electro, electronic, electronic body music, electronic music, electronica, endanger, evil's toy, fairlight children, faith & the muse, faith and the muse, feindflug, fictional, front 242, frontline assembly, funker vogt, futurepop, goth, gothic, hanzel und gretyl, haujobb, hocico, icon of coil, imperative reaction, in strict confidence, industrial, industrial music, infam, informatik, iris, jesus complex, juno reactor, l'ame immortelle, la floa maldita, lamia, latex, lights of euphoria, london after midnight, massiv in mensch, melotron, mentallo and the fixer, mesh, mindless faith, mirabilis, modyssey, mono chrome, monofader, moulin noir, mpegradio, narr!, neikka rpm, neuroactive, neuroticfish, nick cave, night, night clubs, noise, obsc(y)re, panzer ag, peter heppner, power noise, pride and fall, pro-activ, project pitchfork, provision, psyclon nine, psyclon9, pvc, qntal, ravenous, rosetta stone, rotersand, schiller, seabound, seelenkrank, shadows in the dark, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, soviet radio, suicide commando, switchblade symphony, synth, synthpop, t.o.y., terminal choice, the birthday massacre, the dust of basement, the retrosic, this ascension, time to change, tristesse de la lune, unheilig, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, vox celesta, wolfsheim, xotox, xpq-21, xymox