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Tue, Oct. 31st, 2006, 07:08 am
deadlywhisperz: Razed in Black Tour Nov 9 NY, 10 NJ, & 11 PA




Thursday Nov 9TH - 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237
Friday Nov 10TH - QXT's, 248 Mulberry street Newark, NJ 07102
Saturday Nov 11TH - Polaris (Starlight Ballroom), 452-468 N. 9th Street Philly, PA 19123

Razed In Black (Hawaii, Florida, Cleopatra Records)
Since 1996, Razed in Black have released a series of full-length albums and EPs, each one an emotionally charged mixture of throbbing electronic manipulations and heavily distorted guitars. Countless remixes, contributions for tribute albums, Razed In Black has easily become one of the most sought after producer in the electronic music scene. Founder and leading creative force behind RiB, Hawaii native, Romell Regulacion, has ample experience in the world of techno, spinning at clubs, releasing albums and contributing to the soundtrack of major films such as Carrie 2: The Rage and Mystery Men under the moniker Transmutator. More than a hundred appearances on various compilations, remix, and tribute albums, sharing CD space with artists such as Gary Numan, Switchblade Symphony, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Missing Persons, Berlin, VNV Nation, Ferry Corsten, Moby, Crystal Method, Underworld, Skinny Puppy, Christian Death, Frontline Assembly, KMFDM, Apoptygma Berzerk, the list goes on. Pulsating and throbbing beats, hypnotic and alluring synth lines, aggressive and scorching guitar riffs, intense and emotional lyrics ~ just a few words to describe the music of RAZED IN BLACK.
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Supporting Acts:

Interface [Nilaihah Records]

Interface... the very word means making the incompatible compatible. Finding unlike things and making them work with each other. Since 1993, Interface has been about finding different elements, different influences, different musical aesthetics, and putting them together. Interface is based on Long Island, New York.

Over 10 years after its inception, Interface (currently Eric Eldredge and Jon Billian) is still going strong. Blending melody, aggression, rhythm and experimentation, the band continues to craft electronic music drawn from a multitude of influences. The band has gone from aggressive industrial ("Frantic", "Metalstorm") to soft ballads ("The Softest Blade", "Labyrinth") to 80's new wave influenced pop ("Doubts And Fears") and ambient experimentalism during its career. However, it always seems to find the pulse of the dancefloor most alluring, through songs like "Wasted Time", "Temperature", and "Age Of Computers". That aspect has made Interface a sought after artist for dance remixes by several other electronic artists. However, Interface still stresses diversity and originality above all else in its own compositions.

Interface is currently signed to Nilaihah Records. The label is based in Columbus, Ohio, and was founded by The Azoic's Kristy Venrick. Kristy still presides over the label, whose roster also includes artists such as GASR, Fiction 8, Distorted Reality, Invisible Ballet, XP8, and many other talented acts.


The project was formed at the advent of 2005 to create original sounding music, using a blend of various electronic-industrial related genres. The output of Anti-Mechanism became something similar to Terror EBM/Rhythmic Noise/Aggro-Industrial with a raw, Digital Hardcore edge.

Solely using hardware, Anti-Mechanism attempt to challenge music and push it into future. Although danceable with high club appeal, rather than being another faceless electronic artist writing club tracks, the place to really hear Anti-Mechanism is in the live context, as they approach the live performance in a rock format rather than as background music for people to dance to.

The band has risen quickly through the ranks of the industrial-electronic scene as a result of their violent, high energy performances and are frequently invited to play at major electronic events. Anti-Mechanism has played alongside such artists as Terrorfakt, Psyclon Nine, Combichrist, The Birthday Massacre, E-Craft, FGFC820, Hypofixx, Aesthetic Perfection, Bile, and I, Parasite as well as headlined a number of other events.

In 2006, Anti-Mechanism took 22 days to work on a CD at Mindswerve Studios in New York City with Xris Flam, a renowned producer/engineer of electronic artists including KMFDM, Mindless Self Indulgence, Alec Empire, Merzbow and Public Enemy. Anti-Mechanism recently released their first 5 song EP, "The Ending Swallows Us Whole," on May 13th. This highly anticipated release serves as a testament to Anti-Mechanism's rapid success, as it is currently spun around the world from New York to New Zealand to great response.


I am very happy to announce that the first disc of my new album is nearing completion.

This release, entitled After December, chronicles the long, turbulent road I traveled after my relationship of nine years came to an end in January 2005. These were very dark and uncertain times for me, times I never want to relive. I found myself wandering alone, angry, without purpose and lost on an exhausting journey of rebirth, self-discovery, failure and frustration.

The writing on this record is very personal, very evolved, and from a different viewpoint than my previous album. Whereas From Man to Machine told a fictional story of one man’s struggle with being human, After December tells a more real story, a story of erratic, unstable emotion--violent, raw and relentless. Each track takes a hard look at the past and shapes itself from personal experience, both good and bad. Scathing lyrics and brutal production come together to paint a very ugly picture of what has happened to me over the years.

"...never has my hate been so strong.
never have I been so wrong..."

The second disc features remixes by myself, Combichrist, Razed in Black, Imperative Reaction, Interface, Anti-Mechanism, Neikka RPM, Ego Likeness, Terrorfakt and Tonikom, just to name a few. Some of the bands have already returned their mixes and I must say they sound amazing! I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone else does with my music.

After December is scheduled for release May 2007 on Lashdigit Records.

Things Outside The Skin

Originally from the swampy depths of Blackwater, VA., Chvad SB and brother Blight (right) currently reside in the not so swampy depths of Brooklyn, NY. Misguided, insecure, loud, raging, lunatic, hypocritical, ill tempered and yet kind to animals,things outside the skin lay a ground work of audio mayhem riddled with bitter social commentary. "The only fitting musical comparison is Skinny Puppy on crack." - The Illinois Entertainer

Corporate Soldiers

Corporate soldiers are ready to take you for a heart pounding, foot stomping, adrenaline pumping, crash landing on the dance floor. Whether your passion for this music lies in the geats or the lyrics / vocals, the pure boot stomping music will have you grooving at the clubs.

DJ's at all 3 shows:

DJ Jet

[Vampirefreaks.com, Cybertron, Freaquency]

Jet has been spinning since 1999. He is the webmaster and founder of vampirefreaks.com, the number 1 gothic-industrial website in the world, with over 600,000 members and 4 million views a day. He is also the co-founder of Cybertron, a highly successful nyc clubnight. He has also organized varous vampirefreaks parties, including many parties in NYC, as well as a few in Philly and Toronto. DJ appearances include Nocturne (Philly), Sundown (NYC), Albion (NYC), Entropy (NYC), Synthetic Circuitry (Rochester), Vertex (Rochester), QXT's (NJ), Grape St (Philly), Korova (NYC), Reverb (Toronto), Freaquency (NYC), Halloween Massacre (NYC), plus many more. Jet specializes in beat matching ebm / industrial / terror ebm.

DJ Audiophile

[Audiolust.com, Cybertron, Freaquency]

Audiophile is the founder and co-owner of Audiolust, a nyc production company that provides sound and lighting for events. He is skilled at working various sound equipment and has an ability to make a party sound great. He is the co-founder of Cybertron, a highly successful NYC clubnight, and has had numerous DJ appearances, including all of the Vampirefreaks NYC and Toronto parties. Audiophile has thrown many events in and around the NYC area and has done live sound and lighting for some big industrial bands such as Covenant and Rotersand. With a degree in audio engineering and spinning for 8 years, Audiophile Assaults the crowd with precision mixed electronic mayhem. Drinks are appreciated!

Visuals at all 3 shows:


[Audiolust.com, Cybertron, Freaquency]

Slava is the co-owner of Audiolust and handles business contacts and promotions. He racks up 6 years in the production business with AllMobileVideo.com and has helped assemble some of the best NYC parties. Slava also programs the intelligent lighting and visuals for all audiolust events. Buy him a drink!

Sponsors & cross promotions are welcomed, contact Audiolust.com & VampireFreaks.com for information.



Visit Maps.Google.com to find the best route to the venue driving.

Supporting DJs

Xris SMack!

[SMack!, Byte]

DJ Annabel Evil

[Flux, Haven - CT]

DJ Ravage


DJ Chris #2

[Nocturnal Creatures]

DJ Merc


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10th AT QXT's, New Jersey:

Visit Maps.Google.com to find the best route to the venue driving.

Supporting DJs

Xris SMack!

[SMack!, Byte]



DJ Solitude

DJ Luna

DJ Merc


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11th AT POLARIS, Philadelphia (Formerly starlight ballroom)

Visit Maps.Google.com to find the best route to the venue driving.

Supporting DJs

Mike Saga


DJ Chas Paris

Pictures will be taken by


Audiolust will supply scanner lights, lasers, strobe lights, & more visuals that will blow you away.

Additional promotion & support by

John Constantine, Gabby, Jamie, Lea, Chris 2, Christina, & Marisa.

Hosted By: Audiolust.com & VampireFreaks.com
When: Thursday Nov 09, 2006
at 8:00 PM
Where: NY, NJ, & PA
NEW YORK, NY 10001
Audiolust.com & VampireFreaks.com

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