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Wed, Nov. 9th, 2005, 08:42 pm
rand0muser: FREE MONOLITH MP3's!!!

I really like this song... Definitely more electro than industrial, but still, very good.
download here
Monolith will be playing at pyramid in NYC with ADAM X!!! Wed. before Thanksgiving.
will also be DJing upstairs

There's also going to be an erotic suspension show in the basement by BELLA of BELLAVENDETTA.com.

I'll be DJing industrial down there along with DJ's leadgold and Ryan McKnight also doing some industrial and goth. And of corse some EBM and Darkwave/electro thrown in.

I'm pretty sure that tickets at the door are $15-$25. If you want to go and want reduced admission for $10, either reply to this and I'll put you on my list / or RSVP here and you'll be on the mailing list which should give you the reduced admission... either way, you'll be reduced.

Anyone looking to have a goodtime this Thanksgiving eve in Manhattan won't have any complaints at Pyramid.

BTW... yeah, I know I'm sucky at this promoting thing, I don't do it that often, but I do know a good show when I see one... Feel free to ask questions if I've left anything out. I'm DJ NO-REQUESTS ha-ha (don't worry, the other DJ's take requests.)